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I am supported by:

  • CORE (Citizens Organized to Rethink Expansion of 522 in LFP)

  • LFP Council Members: Tom French and Lorri Bodi

  • LFP Former Council Members: Don Fiene, Jack Tonkin, Alan Kiest

  • Your Neighbors: Randi Sibonga, John Drew, Shary Van, Jeff Sudden, Dick Harris, Kim Josund, Katherine Comeau, Tom & Pam Lux, Donna Hawkley, Mo Pilgrim, Maureen O’Neil, Jan Nimlos, Julie Hungar, John Brew, Ken Lee, Julie Turnell, Scott Morrison, Armade Micheline, Julian Andersen, Ron Hebron, Meena Gaspermo, Charles Anstett, Daryl Scheibel, Diane Civic and many others joining with us every day.

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