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Working for a better Lake Forest Park now and in the future

My husband and I came to Lake Forest Park in 2019 when we purchased the old Sheridan Market from the original builder's daughter. She had a little 'FOR SALE' sign out front and when we called her, and other businesses had contacted her for a possible purchase but their intent was to tear the store down. For many years we had driven by and thought that the building was an interesting landmark. After some discussion and our promise never to tear it down, she agreed to sell the property to us so we moved in to one of the apartments that are behind the store.


We proceeded with jumping in to renovate the building from the studs out during COVID, and with the money I made from my day job we were able to slowly turn the Store into what you see today. I credit my business background and my over 20 years of working with construction and permitting and knowledge of the 'trades' to get this work accomplished without a General Contractor. I credit working with the Dept of Archeology & Historic Preservation for achieving a listing of the Sheridan Market on the Washington Heritage Register. As the only visually historic building along 522 other than the cemetery, we are pleased to retain this property a visual landmark for the community!


Throughout the 18 months it took to complete the work, we had many of our neighbors stop by and we really got to know many citizens of Lake Forest Park. Such a community of people, and such a dedication to the environment! When we knew Sound Transit was bringing drastic changes to Lake Forest Park that would also affect the Sheridan Market, we and many of our neighbors banded together to strategize, fact find and attempt to look for better solutions to the current plan.


I realize that transit is necessary and many of us voted on the very preliminary plan that was shown to us. As time went on, we see that our Lake Forest Park citizens did not understand the ramifications of the expansion as it was never described in detail or on a visual plan until 2021. The most important comment period occurred during Covid on a very fast track schedule and with no adequate time to review the 2700 pages of appendixes that the SEPA contained.... so it passed with only 50 or so people even seeing the presentation!


It was at this time that I began to attend City Council Meetings and Sound Transit Meetings to understand all the challenges that face our small community. We are not and never will be a 'Big City' and our needs as the smallest City touching Shoreline, Seattle and Kenmore mean that our needs differ. We have topography challenges in steep hills, steep slopes, water tables and forests that these other Cities don't have.


We have City Budget shortfalls that need to be addressed, a waterfront park with needs, housing challenges as well as the possibility of having Sound Transit permanently deface our City as we know it. We all want better transit, but we all need to be accountable for cost, expenditures and making sure we are doing things that work, are based in fact, and acceptable for the city as a whole and not just a small group of people.


For these reasons I decided to run for City Council when Tom French's seat became vacant, and I promise to take care of the City the same way that I take care of the Sheridan Market! Please help by vosting for me in the Primary as well as the General Election!

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