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Paula Goode is running for Lake Forest Park city to ensure a better future for our community and those that live here. Paula believes in creating a stronger and safer community, improving our schools, and promoting diversity and inclusivity. 

Housing Density, Affordability, and LFP

Affordable housing is a serious issue that our community will face. Washington State passed Bill 1110, allows duplexes on any property, and Bill 1337 requires cities to allow more housing types including duplexes and triplexes, as well as, Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). 


Lake Forest Park is a small community in a unique geographic area with hills, streams, and environmentally sensitive areas. We have an energized Planning Commission working hard on this issue and they will need the support of a knowledgeable City Council to address the need for more affordable housing while retaining the unique character of our city. 


This growth requires strategic planning and the use of innovation rather than the blocks of apartments or rows of multi-story condos that will not help young families need to build wealth and for aging populations to stay in their homes. Our Planning Dept. needs to develop code changes which incentivizes the ADU / DADU permitting process.

Responsible Budgeting in LFP

How can we keep our beloved City unless we take care of it? The most critical issue is ensuring adequate funding for necessary and essential services that the City provides to the Citizens of Lake Forest Park. This means developing a responsible, realistic budget that holds down discretionary General Fund spending and looks at least six years into the future to ensure that the City is solvent. Failure to support the City’s basic funding needs means we could be prone to assimilation by Seattle, Shoreline or Kenmore! 

Tree Canopy/Tree Code

I will work to preserve our tree canopy and do everything I can to increase it. It is our tree canopy that makes LFP a unique and a compelling place to live. It provides climate change benefits, increased property values, cooling during the summer and warmth during the winter when leaves are off the trees, health benefits to our citizens and preservation of the infrastructure of our city.

Sound Transit Plan to rebuild Bothell Way

I support Sound Transit and the effort to bring better transit through our corridor. Yet when I voted on ST3, it had only a napkin concept of a design. When we were presented with the actual design details, I was flabbergasted at the devastating design elements that would not only take the ‘Forest’ out of Lake Forest Park, but would also forever alter the local environment. The proposed 4,000 foot concrete wall up to 13 feet high would cause the loss of tree canopy, increase storm water runoff, impact wildlife, increase highway noise and would affect property homeowners. Many of our neighborhood streets would experience increase of cut through traffic.  I have worked hard as a co- founder of CORE to work with Sound Transit for a less impactful, and less costly design.


 My goal as a candidate and a member of CORE, is to educate our community to promote a ‘Lighter’ touch as found on Sound Transit’s NE 145th segment. If this method is implemented, it would save millions of dollars, and lessen the impacts to our homeowners and our environment. 

In Closing:

These are just four of the issues I see as the top concerns facing our city. I have continued to engage with Sound Transit and other local and neighboring officials.  I have explored housing via Community Land Trusts as well as other ideas that can help enrich our lovely City of Lake Forest Park. 


Please join me by supporting my campaign with your vote!

Paula Goode

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